Engine Shed joins B24/7’s Better Business network

We’re delighted to announce that Engine Shed has joined Bristol 24/7’s Better Business network,  an initiative to help businesses thrive whilst creating a positive impact on the city and the people who live there.

Marty Reid, Director of Engine Shed said: “The team at Engine Shed are excited about getting involved with what Better Business offers. We’re looking to make new connections and partnerships, host member events and give back via volunteering.”

Becoming a member is part of our ongoing commitment to making the city better across all sectors by enabling projects which drive sustainable growth, inclusion and innovation for the region.

Most recently, we have launched a Community Partnership scheme where corporates can fund a community partner to become a member of Engine Shed and co-work with them on projects.

Other examples of our work in the community include our Diverse Workforce for the Future programme, the Bristol Technology Festival and the south west’s Investment Activator Programme.

Engine Shed, and its tech incubator partner SETsquared Bristol, also work with businesses looking to contribute to specialist regional tech clusters, with a fintech accelerator soon to launch.


More information about B247 Better Business Membership – https://my.bristol247.com/better-business/