Bristol Technology Festival

Bristol Technology Festival is a platform that allows groups to run and promote tech events under the banner of Bristol Technology Festival and to provide support and guidance.

We are doing this to:

  • Raise the profile of the Bristol tech sector – locally, nationally and internationally, by showcasing the existence of a broad breadth of activity in sectors and technologies
  • By doing so, make technology, technology jobs and technology entrepreneurship more accessible to more citizens of Bristol Encourage attendees at one event to attend others during the festival
  • Encourage higher attendance at each event by raising profile
  • Not control any existing event, simply thread things together for mutual benefit

The inaugural festival was 2nd – 10th November 2019, and centred around three anchor events: Bristech, Bristol Technology Showcase and Bristol Technology Fair (run by Technotopia) – and we invited anyone wanting to be promoted as part of this festival, to apply here:

Event Organisers benefitted from:

  • event listing on the BTF website
  • use of the BTF logo
  • promotion of your event through our platforms
  • tickets to sponsor & partners reception for you and your sponsors

The Festival, in the end, hosted 42 events across 22 venues, with c. 4000 available places. The general consensus was that it was a success – reaching multiple audiences, raising profile locally and nationally, but could have achieved more with more resource.

It was featured on BBC Points West (on two seaparate days during the week), BBC Radio Bristol and extensive social media.

CURRENT STATUS (Nov’19): We are currently collecting data from event organisers and discussing next stages. There is every expectation for this to be better next year (possibly bigger) and will likely be around the same time of year. It is pretty certain now that we will seek a headline sponsor to be able to properly resource the coordination and marketing to really maximise the opportunity.  Anyone interested can sign up to the newsletter here.