Bristol Technology Festival Launched

Today Friday 28th June 2019

Bristol Technology Festival Is Launched – to run 2nd – 10th November 2019

  • Eight partners collaborate to establish the event
  • Bristol Technology Festival is an umbrella brand encompassing multiple events

Call out for events is now open

Today, Friday 28th June 2019, has seen the launch of Bristol Technology Festival, a new event for the Bristol and Bath tech sector. The Festival will run 2nd-10th November 2019 with established events including Bristol Technology Showcase, Technotopia and Bristech. The launch sees a call out from the founding partners for new events to participate in the eight day long Festival.

The aim of Bristol Technology Festival is to create a platform that allows groups to run and promote tech events under the Festival banner, to raise the profile of the Bristol tech sector – locally, nationally and internationally, by showcasing the existence of a broad breadth of activity in sectors and technologies,. to make technology, technology jobs and technology entrepreneurship more accessible to more citizens of Bristol, and to encourage visitors to attend multiple events through the simplicity of being in one city.

There are eight founding partners; these are Engine Shed, Hargreaves Lansdown, TechSPARK, Bristech, Bristol Technology Showcase, Silicon Gorge, SW founders, SETsquared Bristol.  The partners will not control any existing events having devised the Festival to simply thread things together for mutual benefit for the city and the sector.

Commenting on why the Festival has been created, Nick Sturge, Director, Engine Shed said:

“Bristol is a hub for some of the most exciting tech businesses and projects currently happening in Europe.  The diversity and scope of activity happening here sets it apart from other places in the UK. We currently have two Unicorns (a tech company valued over $1Bn) and more investment is being drawn into the region than ever before. In addition, as a region, we are scaling up innovation and tech solutions that are attracting global interest and having this Festival consolidates all activity into one. Tech is an industry that is open to anybody and we want to attract people from across the city regardless of their backgrounds and open up a world of opportunities and careers.  We want to share these opportunities and create sustainable economic growth for all.”

The Festival is also working in collaboration with Bath Digital Festival to link with the region’s thriving digital sector with joint aims of encouraging young people to get interested and involved.

Talking about this, Marina Traversari, Rocketmakers said:

‘It’s really important that everyone is involved in the advancements in technology; not only should young people be made aware of job opportunities and the skills required for these but also returners to work and professionals who have transferable skills. There are job roles now that did not exist 10 years ago that could provide the way back into work.”


Cookies HQ have partnered with Bristol Technology Festival to develop the website and other digital needs.  In the spirit of collaboration, Cookies HQ used this project as part of their training process for junior developers to work with tech startups.

For further information on how to get involved or to register your interesting in organising an event, visit