The Bristol and Bath Network (TBBN)

Engine Shed coordinates a regular 1st Friday monthly morning meeting of people who represent coworking spaces or support programs with an appetite for wider regional ecosystem development.

This is a monthly meetup of incubation (in all forms) and related practitioners in the West of England. We have added a few new faces and will be introducing some new principles for our meetings to make sure they’re focused on our shared goal – to create and maintain a growing, sustainable and inclusive economy for the West of England.

Our objective is to encourage collaboration, sharing and mutual benefit to organisations who, while they may be competing for members/users/occupiers are actually workign to a common goal – which is a thriving and sustainable local economy. As an ‘honest broker’ Engine Shed takes a lead in this but does so on behalf of the region.

At each event, we adhere to the following principles:

– First 30mins – speedy updates from everyone:

– Focus on things that we have in common, and that we can collaborate to improve – intelligence sharing and challenges to business (incubation)

– Add your events to Slack, don’t talk about them unless you have a specific ask e.g. request for speakers/partners or enthusiasm to collaborate

– Second 30mins – group input to help develop an idea or think about a challenge – if you have something you’d like to discuss, let Briony know.


By default we’ll meet at Engine Shed, but always happy for others to host, and we ask that people take it in turn to buy the pastries/croissants and the host will cover the coffee.

CURRENT STATUS (Nov’19): We look forward to this continuing as it is as relevant now as it was when we first started. It is expected that the new Director of Engine Shed will take over chairing of this group.