The Scaleup Generator website, developed by Engine Shed and funded by the West of England Growth Hub exists to share resources and information to help the fast growing companies in the West of England with barriers to growth.

The Scale-up ecosystem in Bristol + Bath is rich and vibrant. In collaboration with The Growth Hub team at West of England Combined Authority, we have created a website to capture the content and outputs from our work focused on the scale up ecosystem. Ultimately we’re working to ensure the West of England is a great place to grow a business.

Scaleup Generator website:

This website is home to lots of useful material for fast growth companies and for those supporting them. This includes:

  • Efforts and initiatives that we’ve launched to develop the investment activity in the region including an illustration of key players.
  • The Regional Growth Map which is a tube map-inspired illustration of the top 50 most-mentioned services and support programmes for growing businesses in the region.
  • A small bank of case studies and would welcome support and input to grow this resource.
  • A map of the official and aspiring scaleup companies that have been identified in the region.
  • Insights into the challenges faced by scaling companies in our region.

If your organisation specifically supports scale up companies and isn’t already included on the scaleup generator website, please complete this form.

CURRENT STATUS (Nov’19): We are keen that this role continues. Briony Phillips, who initiated this project with funding from WECA,  has now moved to RocketMakers in Bath where she will be continuing much the ‘enabler’ role for the scaleup ecosystem. Engine Shed is delighted that our invention of this role is not only being seen as an exemplar response to driving economic growth (and being adopted around the UK as a model) but is being picked up by the private sector. The University of Bristol is in discussion with RocketMakers to ensure that the Scaleup Generator website and content (including access to the map data) continues to thrive under the stewardship of RocketMakers in the interests of the West of England Economy.