Working with Teachers and ‘Techies’ to develop ‘Engine Shed on Tour’

In October we announced Boomsatsuma as one of the winners of our ‘Call for Ideas’ project, with their pitch proposing to take the Engine Shed on a tour in a bus, visiting schools and youth groups. We knew that the branded bus would be travelling the West of England region, fitted with computers and equipment, and manned by Boomsatsuma staff. But we didn’t yet know what the bus would do when it arrived at a school or youth club…

To decide how a bus decked out with tech could best inspire young people around opportunities in the high-tech and digital sectors, we turned to the experts in this field: teachers and adults who work in tech and digital. On Monday, we brought together 13 people working in education and business to co-develop an impactful plan for the Engine Shed on Tour bus.

It was useful to hear the barriers that both small businesses and schools face in engaging young people in digital and tech opportunities, and we used this feedback to inform the ways the ‘Engine Shed on Tour’ will benefit students. Once we started, the ideas kept flowing!

As we refine this idea into a working model within the budget, some of the initial plans will have to be dropped, but it has given Engine Shed and Boomsatsuma a clear position on the next steps. We will be announcing the details, and how schools and clubs can arrange a visit from the bus, at Engine Shed’s 4th birthday party in January.

What stood out most from the session was the diversity of skills and experience teachers and ‘techies’ have to share with each other. And aside from the bus, this is something Engine Shed would like to support further… we just need to find the right way.