IntoUniversity students get a taste of the workplace at Engine Shed

On 30th July, 12 IntoUniversity students visited Engine Shed to take part in workshops and sessions encouraging them to engage in developing business ideas and product design.

The students began the day with a tour of Engine Shed by Operations Director, Karen Drake, which allowed them to explore the building and learn about its history. SETsquared Bristol’s Paul Forster presented a talk on business ideas, and the students watched a video about start-up enterprises and fundraising by LettUs Grow.

The aim of the day was to prepare the school students for business in an inspirational and inclusive workspace. The young people worked in groups to develop ideas in the same way as business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Using their new business knowledge, the students then worked together to develop their own ideas, and chose to produce t-shirts and tote bags. After creating unique designs, they went to St Nicholas Market to sell the products for a small profit.

Based at The Old Library in Easton, IntoUniversity provides local students after-school help with their homework twice a week. Some students have been visiting IntoUniversity for over five years for extra-curricular support. It also offers school and holiday programmes including ‘The Academy of Enterprise,’ which Engine Shed has supported for the past two years.

The visit was part of Engine Shed’s Diverse Workforce for the Future programme, which aims to inspire and support young people from diverse backgrounds into digital, creative, and tech careers where adults from their demographics are currently under-represented. Find out more here.