Institution of Civil Engineers Find a Home at Engine Shed’s Business Lounge

Engine Shed’s wealth of Business Lounge members has again been increased thanks to the inclusion of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

ICE represents over 90,000 qualified and student civil engineers in the UK and worldwide. Founded in 1818 to ensure professionalism in the sector, it has worked with governments worldwide, and with industry to ensure construction and civil engineering remain major contributors to the UK economy and UK exports.

Engine Shed was designed by Brunel, one of Britain’s most famous engineers, as part of the original Temple Meads Station in 1841. ICE’s membership is something of a homecoming for British engineering, and connects with the heritage and history Engine Shed prides itself on, whilst building on the exciting modern engineering and construction developments in the South West.

Miranda Housden, Director ICE South West said:

“Becoming part of Engine Shed is a fantastic benefit to our members across the South West and Wales Cymru. It will offer a neutral space to work and meet with colleagues near the iconic Temple Meads Station. With ICE turning 200 in 2018, we hope to hold some fantastic events at this facility to show the public the world of civil engineering.”

There are 9,500 ICE members working and studying within civil engineering in the South West and Wales alone. Providing access to such a wide range of professionals and students will diversify and expand the thriving networking opportunities within the Business Lounge itself, and we hope across the region as a whole.

Nick Sturge, Centre Director at Engine Shed said:

“We were delighted to have been approached by the ICE team and welcome into the community of professionals using the facility here and encourage them to use the connections here to develop themselves and their organisation. Engine Shed brings people with different energies together and we harvest that energy to stimulate sustainable and inclusive growth. I look forward to our new members adding to bother the energy and the connections.”

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