Inaugural Metro Mayor Sets Up First Office at Engine Shed

We are delighted to welcome the newly elected Metro Mayor, Tim Bowles, who will be based out of Engine Shed for the first, formative months of his tenure.

Councillor Tim Bowles will work with existing city leaders to take control of the whole West of England area, covering Bristol, Bath, North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

As the region’s leading ecosystem and economic hub, the Engine Shed is ideal as an initial location for the Combined Authority Mayor, whose role will have a strong focus on the local economy, devolving power from Westminster to take on issues such as housing and transportation on a local level.

Engine Shed Director Nick Sturge said, “We look forward to working with Tim in becoming even better connected with the organisations and actors involved in the exciting economic growth in the West of England from our very connected position, but also to share our insights, activities and plans for ensuring that that growth is as sustainable and inclusive as possible. We have exciting times ahead for the development of the West of England and keen to play our part in this next chapter.”