Future Brunels experiment with online safety and 3D hand tracking at Engine Shed

On Wednesday 22nd January Engine Shed hosted a group of ‘Future Brunels,’ with the aim to inspire young people around science and engineering.

The Future Brunels programme is run by the ss Great Britain Trust to introduce young people to the impact science and engineering already play in everybody’s lives, and to enthuse students around future careers during their secondary school education.

During the visit, the Future Brunels met with Paul Forster, Community Manager at SETsquared Bristol, for a workshop on turning ideas into businesses, they learned about online safety with BTogether online safety consultants, and visited Ultraleap who ran a workshop on different senses, haptics and sounds. The pupils were invited to their Experience Room where they experienced the magic of mid-air haptics and 3D hand tracking. They also had a tour of Brunel’s original engine shed and found out what we do here from Marty Reid.

Lorraine Fairbanks, Partnerships Manager at Engine Shed, said:

“The Future Brunels got to experience some great new technology from start-up companies that are part of SETsquared Bristol, to some of its alumni. It’s brilliant to have the Year 9 pupils learning about small companies and the varied opportunities within them. They heard a lot about how the world of work is changing, and that focusing on things they enjoy will lead to their future career success.”

Studying Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) subjects engages students with the wide range of careers available in these fields, and helps young people to understand what is available to them in the future.

For more information on the work Engine Shed does to promote a diverse workforce for the future, inspiring young people around potential careers in the tech, digital, and sustainability sectors, you can view all of our active projects here.