Future Brunels come to Engine Shed for STEM inspiration

On Tuesday 26th June, Engine Shed hosted an activity day for the Future Brunels programme, which is run by the SS Great Britain Trust.

The aim of the project is to introduce a selected group of students to the real-world applications of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) subjects. The activity day was designed to inspire and engage the students, and encourage them to consider careers that can use the skills they develop in these areas.

12 students from four Bristol schools attended the activity day, where they met with interesting companies and entrepreneurs using STEM in their everyday working lives. The students toured Engine Shed and met with some of its tenant companies, including Unit DX, SETsquared Bristol, and DigiLocal.

Activities were held to give the students a taste of life in a tech workplace, with OggaDoon introducing tech from communications perspective, with students pitching their ‘start-ups’ to potential journalists. DigiLocal offered practical computing skills, using the BBC Microbit to build their own game, and SETsquared Bristol shared their insights into what it takes to become a tech entrepreneur.

At Engine Shed we are dedicated to building an inclusive and sustainable ecosystem in the Bristol city region. This starts with young people, and inspiring the future workforce to consider careers in the tech, digital, and low carbon sectors. Currently, adults from Bristol’s diverse community backgrounds are under-represented in these fields, and the Future Brunels programme, like our own Diverse Workforce for the Future project, helps to offer young people from these demographics access to Bristol’s thriving tech scene.

For more information about the Future Brunels programme, visit the SS Great Britain website