Engine Shed Call Out for Diverse Workforce for the Future Projects

As part of our Diverse Workforce For the Future Campaign, we’re looking to team up with schools, educators and others on projects that will help inspire young people from diverse backgrounds to consider and get ready for careers in the high-tech, low carbon, digital and creative sectors.

Our mission is to stimulate long term and inclusive economic growth for the Bristol and Bath region, and part of that is inspiring the next generation of workers in these sectors, as we believe it is vital to our success.

We are committed to championing inclusive economic growth; this year Engine Shed has started to commit resources to helping ensure a diverse workforce for the future.

As well as hosting school Inset days and working with our existing partners ‘My future My choice’ and ‘Into University’, Engine Shed is looking for partners to work with to deliver innovative projects, that will inspire the next generation in the Bristol and Bath area.

We will be looking for project ideas that:

  • Are about trying new ways of inspiring young people into the high-tech, digital, creative and low-carbon sectors. We want to support new ways of approaching persistent problems.
  • Focus on getting young (Years 5 -8) people who are currently under represented in the creative, high-tech, digital and low-carbon sectors, interested in the opportunities in these sectors.
  • Are projects that need support to get going, but which have a plan to be sustained – or can create a model which can be shared. That said, we are very comfortable with risk.
  • Will work with and make the most of Engine Shed and its business Components and networks

With an aim to start by January 2018, we hope that schools and groups working with young people will have the strongest understanding of how to approach and support a diverse workforce for the future.

If this sounds like something you have an idea for, please register your interest or contact our engagement officer Georgie Burr on: georgie.burr@engine-shed.co.uk