Engine Shed and My Future My Choice launch 100 ships into Bristol Harbourside

At 12pm on Saturday 21st July, 100 cardboard models of Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters and Matthews will be launched in Bristol Harbourside.

700 local primary school children made the model boats at Engine Shed, in partnership with My Future My Choice’s Young Shipwrights project. The Young Shipwrights boat race is watched by thousands of people at Bristol’s famous Harbourside Festival, and the school whose boat stays afloat the longest will win £100.

The race will be followed at 12.30pm by the grown ups cardboard boat race, where teams made up of the 120 business volunteers supporting the project must sail their models around a short course. Quickest to finish wins, with special prizes are available for the most innovative and least seaworthy vessels.

Engine Shed supports the Young Shipwrights project through its Diverse Workforce for the Future programme, and provides My Future My Choice with access to the Junction event space to run the activities with 8-11 year olds. The pupils work with business volunteers to discover the skills needed in the world of work, and understand what jobs exist now. Around 3,300 children have taken part in the activities since Engine Shed became its home in 2014.

To witness the events live, head to Prince Street Bridge for 12pm on 21st July, during Bristol Harbourside Festival, and cheer on the creative young sailors as they put their vessels to the test.