Bristol Open Doors at Engine Shed

On Saturday 11 September over 80 people visited Engine Shed as part of Bristol Open Doors.

Bristol Open Doors celebrates the city’s past, present and future through an annual programme of events, experiences and expert-led tours. Engine Shed has been involved with Bristol Open Doors since 2014, giving visitors an insight into one of the world’s oldest surviving terminuses, designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. 

This year, Head of Engine Shed, Marty Reid, and General Manager, Mike Paton, hosted over 80 people from Bristol and beyond, introducing the historic building with a talk and a tour. 

The talk explored the history of Engine Shed, from its creation in 1841 when it was built as part of train line from London to Bristol. The terminus of the line at Bristol Temple Meads encompassed the covered Train Shed, an administration office with a frontage on Bath Parade (now Temple Gate), and the extension of track into what we now know as Engine Shed, for stabling of stock and locomotives. 

Visitors also learnt about the current use of the building, including over 1,000 events that are hosted each year, and its 64 partners delivering positive social and economic benefit to Bristol and beyond. Marty concluded the talk by highlighting the future plans to create an Engine Shed 2. 

Marty Reid said of the event: “It was brilliant to welcome so many enthusiastic visitors of all ages into the building. We are privileged custodians of a physical reminder of the proud history of engineering, innovation and entrepreneurial activity in Bristol.”