A note from Marty Reid: Opportunity to engage at Bristol’s Technology Festival

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Bristol Technology Festival had a brilliant first year in 2019, bringing together more than 5,000 people from all walks of life to not only celebrate tech’s success in our region, but also to start breaking down barriers so that everyone can be involved in the sector.

There is no getting away from it that this year’s event, from 9-15 November, will be different. For a start, most post event drinks or snacks will be at home. In terms of the vision and aims of the festival however, this year feels even more important and exciting.

We have seen an incredible breadth of organisations embracing technology over the past few months to adapt to the challenges presented by the covid crisis. Borrowing from a presentation given by our friends at Rewrite Digital, a recent McKinsey report stated, We’ve vaulted five years forward in consumer and business digital adoption in just eight weeks”.

Bristol Technology Festival is a great opportunity to engage and understand how you can take part in this journey. Whether you are a full stack developer looking for new ideas or a high school teacher hoping to understand new ways to reach a class, there will be a session here for you.

The schedule isn’t quite live yet, but having taken a sneak peek behind the scenes there is going to be lots of coding, cloud, AI and financial tech…maybe even some quantum…but there are also sessions on careers, ethics and what good leadership means today.

If there isn’t quite the right event for you, or if you’d like to have a voice and bring people together to discuss a specific challenge or opportunity related to tech, then why not organise an event yourself?

With most sessions likely to be held online, you don’t need to find a venue and your attendees don’t need to worry about travelling to the city during work hours or in an evening. We’ve worked with lots of teams who have held online meetups for the first time recently and you don’t have to be a digital expert to make it happen. The Bristol Technology Festival team can also offer a hand in lots of ways from advice on platforms to getting your event out there.

Entries to events close on 16 October so please get in touch soon if you would like to be involved and we look forward to seeing you at the festival.


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