A Chat with Jasmin John: Engine Shed Apprentice

How long have you been an apprentice with Engine Shed?

I’ve been with Engine Shed for 1 year and 3 months, starting in January 2017.


What were you doing before joining Engine Shed?

I was in college at home (Llanelli, South Wales) when I decided to go to University in Bristol. During the summer while waiting for my results I moved to Bristol and worked in a hotel bar. When the time came to go to University I was loving working and living in Bristol so much that I wanted to find something that would allow me to carry that on, whilst continuing my learning, but not necessarily University. I didn’t have much relevant experience and I didn’t know much about what Engine Shed did, I was just ready and excited to learn and work hard.


What drew you to the role? 

When first coming across the role, I thought the apprenticeship sounded excellent, and the fact that I would be employed by the University of Bristol sounded great as it was still in line with my original plans. Then, when I looked further into Engine Shed and what they do, I was amazed at all of the wonderful work put into their projects, among many other things!


How would you describe Engine Shed?

Innovative and celebratory. If you look at what is going on in the lounge on a busy day, you will see heaps of innovation and plenty of celebration – whether it be of diversity, connectivity, or projects and events that are wonderful successes, both are all around.


What has been your favourite part of the job?

The people I have met. Without sounding overly soppy, I have found some friends for life in my colleagues, and many customers have taught me very valuable lessons too. I have a lot of fun with tenants, and have broadened my skills while meeting new people with new situations to take on every day. Every person I have met at Engine Shed has been valuable, whether they taught me lessons, broadened my knowledge, or just made me laugh.


What has inspired you most during your time at Engine Shed?

The powerful women around me, doing amazing jobs in business and technology and setting an example for the next generation of young girls in need of role models.


What key lessons will you take away from your experience as Engine Shed apprentice?  

The biggest lesson I have learnt while working at Engine Shed is that failure is a fantastic learning curve. You will get thrown into the unknown and possibly slip up every now and then, but the amount that you can learn from mistakes is great. I took failure to heart a lot more before working here, and now I’ve come to learn that taking a deep breath and understanding what you can do differently in the future is invaluable, and necessary for growth.


Any advice for the next apprentice?

Tackle tasks head first with everything you have got, and don’t be afraid to have ideas. The team loves improving our processes to make everything we do more efficient and enjoyable, so get creative and give it your all.


What’s next for you? 

I currently have a couple of offers on the table that I’m contemplating – my key focus is on choosing something which is good career development, but also something I can look forward to doing every day.