Work experience

As part of the Diverse Workforce for the Future project, we host four work experience placements per year that take advantage of our captive community of high-tech business leaders.

This is part of our Diverse Workforce for The Future programme.

Engine Shed continues to support work experience placements for young people that take advantage of our captive community of high-tech business’.  We offer 2-4 work experience placements a year. Additionally we will continue to support innovation in improving the placement of work experience students.

Our principle here is that early stage companies, whilst typically absolutely committed to nurturing young talent for the future, will struggle to commit to a whole week of supervising a young person – not least because they do not want to let the student down. When we host a young person, one of our Engine Shed or SETsquared team members will plan a week’s activities for the student which will include a series of short ‘placements’ (perhaps a few hours) with the SETsquared member companies – either in Engine Shed or nearby. They will also have a theme to explore (in the past themes have included investment and intellectual property) so that they get to learn about a business topic and have a reason to study the different work environments they are in in a specific context. They then get to present what they have learnt, to the Engine Shed team at the end of the work.

We also make sure they get at least one mock interview while they are with us.

There is evidence that says if you expose a young person to the work place 4 times then they are 80% more likely to gain meaningful employment. This makes work experience a no-brainer.

To enquire about work experience or apprenticeships at Engine Shed contact Mike Paton.