Engine Shed Apprentice, Nimrha Mahmood, reflects on her year with us

Last January, we welcomed Nimrha Mahmood to the Engine Shed team as our apprentice and reception host. Now, as her apprenticeship draws to a close, we caught up with her to look back at her time with us, what she has learned, and what’s in store for the future.

Hi Nimrha. First things first, what has been your favourite thing about working at Engine Shed?

My favourite thing about working at Engine Shed has been all the people here – my colleagues as well as the varied clients and customers. Another thing I enjoyed was how much I learned about different type of businesses and managing to discover my future career path.

So what’s next for you?

Next, I would like to go full time in an admin or customer service role with a clear career ladder to help me progress my career.

Have you learned anything here that you will take forward into your next role?

I have learned many personal and professional skills including dealing with visitors and responding to their needs. This was a key skill for me to learn as it will help me in any future roles involving customer communication. As an employee, you are representing the organisation, so it is important to deal with all situations in a professional manner.

What surprised you the most about Engine Shed?

I think what surprised me the most was how everyone here was very close to one another, whether that be another colleague or a tenant. It was like working for a top business but with more of a friendly, community environment.

Do you have a favourite memory of your time here?

I think my favourite memory would have to be the Engine Shed Christmas party, it was a night full of laughs and jokes, the atmosphere was great and everyone was enjoying themselves.

Do you have anything else to share from your Engine Shed experience?

I’d like to thank everyone at the Engine Shed who has been a part of my journey here. From the start to the very end, the team at Engine Shed have been a great support group, whether it was work related or personal. I would also like to thank Jake Ronaldson and his team at Catch 22, who are tenants at Engine Shed, for helping me in discovering my future career path!